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  • Nov 10, 2021



The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes is what we term as Technology. Technology has affected each and every sector moving from private to government, education to work, technology has had a great impact. The most benefited of all areas is the education system, technology has changed the roles of educators and learners. Technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to create instructional materials to enabling new ways for people to learn and work together. The way world is growing and developing, technology is to be credited the most.

Earlier all people didn’t had access to education, only the upper caste or rich children could study but with time mindset and thinking changed resulting in widespread of education and knowledge, allowing every child to study as a fundamental right. But, the too many people couldn’t get access to books and stuff but now massive amounts of information (books, audio, images, videos) are available at one’s fingertips through the Internet, and opportunities for formal learning are available online worldwide. Now, People from anywhere, anytime can learn, teach and spread knowledge.

Educational institutions like SCR schools in old Gurgaon haveimplemented so many modern technologies in their schools for better understanding and ease of learning for the students. Schools now have smart boards, computers and other gadgets that enables students to explore new subjects and deepen their understanding of difficult concepts. Using technology in classrooms has the potential to create increased student motivation, increased social interactions, positive outcomes, enhanced student learning, and enhanced student engagement. Technology is capable of unlocking keys of learning with all students, it has considerably improved communication between parents and schools. Parents have access to real-time updates on their children's grades, attendance, and even classroom behavior reports.

Earlier students had access only to books where in any way they’ll have to understand whatsoever is written or they had to wait for their teachers and school time to clear their doubts. But, now this modern world has made everything so easy that with just a single click on internet we can get solutions to all our problems take it mathematics, Science, accounts, anything.

“Everything is cleared with a single click”. Now days, teachers can be contacted anytime using mobiles and they are always willing and ready to help their students.

SCR schools is such an example where teachers and students have rightly understood the use of technology and have been using it for utmost productivity. This whole year under the Covid-19 lockdown, Schools have jused different platforms like Zoom, Google meet etc. to help their students where classes were online the whole year. So, without any doubt modern development and technology has helped us a lot.

It’s important to note the benefits of technology in education, improved communication,quality of education, and engaging lessons that help spark imagination and a search for knowledge in students.


Rashi (Student)

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