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Academics- Spiral
Learning Method

To explain in simple terms, just how a spiral expands, the spiral learning method expands the topics and themes as they are delved deeper through a pattern of repetition to make the topics interactive, learner-centered, meaningful, and interesting. These activities favor the development of each student’s potential and integrate student’s new and prior knowledge. The student’s fundamental skills are strengthened over time because they are given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge at each point of exposure to the topic. This unique method guarantees improved levels of concentration and engagement, improved communication and social interaction skills, and a greater ability to access the curriculum. This natural learning process of repeating the topic and ideas enables a greater ability to grasp information and processes being taught to the formative minds of young students.

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CBSE (Grade VIII) School Toppers

2019 - 2020
  • 97.10%

    Navneet Kumar
  • 95.23%

    Ashutosh Saini
  • 94.67%

    Gautam Sharma
  • 96.80%

    Nitish Kumar

Add-Ons Value Added Programmes

Various value-added courses are introduced in the primary stage which helps the students to develop basic skills. These programs are mainly to ensure in development of soft skills among the students. Soft skills like communication, creative thinking, teamwork, time management, motivation, flexibility, etc., equip them in becoming better individuals in their formative years. Methodologies like role play and manipulatives like blocks, puzzles enable a deeper understanding of subjects among the students. Reading programs are encouraged among the young students which helps them in gaining the ability to grasp text better and respond appropriately. Various project-based activities are held among the students to instill a sense of collaboration and cooperation and enhance their presentation skills while acknowledging the differing opinions amongst themselves. STEAM-based learning and robotics are also taught to lend a logical bent to young minds.

Extra-Curricular Activites

Lawn Tennis
CBGCA Cricket
Rollar Skating
Martial Atrs-Wushu

Co-Curricular Activites

A healthy mind abounds in a healthy body. Co-curricular activities facilitate the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development, moral development, and aesthetic development. The grassy open sports field of the school is the hotbed of various co-curricular activities like cricket, volleyball, football, athletics, etc., which are conducted under the supervision of competent sports teachers. Artificial cricket practice nets, world-class table tennis boards, and special chess classes are some of the initiatives taken by the school authorities to facilitate the growth of sportsmanship among the students and encourage students in this field. The school has wide open spaces for holistic programs like yoga, dance, and other art forms. These co-curricular activities foster the development of the spirit of healthy competition. The students at SCR school have won accolades and prizes in prestigious competitions and have won laurels for the school in state and national level events.

Aryabhatta Club


Intach Club

Activites Related to Heritage/ Social Science

SCR Chef

Cooking without fire


Dance - Bharatnatyam, Khatak, Contemperary

Major Dhyan Chand Clud




Helle'o Grady Club


Raja Ravi Verma Club

Art Activities

Public Speaking Club

Speach & Debates

Robotic Club


Music Club


Tansen Voice of Global Club

Music, Keyboard, Guitar

C V Raman Club

Science Club

Gravel's Club


Assesement and Achivements

The chief purpose of assessment and evaluation is to enhance student learning. SCR school follows the unique method of conducting quizzes and short tests after every concept to gauge the level of student’s understanding at all standards. For students of standard I and II, quarterly assessments are conducted. Two important examinations, half-yearly and annual, are conducted for students of standard III to V. SCR school advocates the method of grading system in its assessments.

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Communication and Interaction

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. SCR school strives to incorporate the erudition of the student as a two-dimensional activity between teachers and parents. In addition to regular emails and text messages for relaying important communication, the school has its personalized interactive portal that serves as a medium of exchange of timely communication. Each class has its unique WhatsApp group moderated by the class teacher which serves as an easy communication between teachers and parents.

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