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  • Nov 15, 2021

Best teaching learning practices at SCR


"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere". Life is to learn. Certainly at every step we learn something new and a school is considered as the  best place to acquire knowledge. I really feel that the SCR Public School is a place for the Best Education practices. Education is the methodical creation of the habit of thinking. This is what the students get here. They are given the Project-based learning. The  facilitators help them  connecting with real-life situations to tackle with the issues related to their studies and life. They learn by doing. Good habits and moral values are inculcated in the students during the classes and students' workshops. Time to time counselling sessions are also held for the betterment of the students. There are smart boards in the classes to enhance the power of gaining knowledge by watching the concepts in 2D or 3D mode. There is sports room which is well equipped with various sports articles. There are special coaches to train students in different sports and prepare them for State Level Championships.There are Art and craft room, Library with a good number of valuable books, Science Laboratories equipped with required apparatus, Lingua Labs, Computer Labs and  playground to enhance their extra curricular learning. There is Students' Helpdesk  to resolve their issues. All the teachers in the school worth diligently to create positive embience for the students and treat them like their own children. Thus students show their eagerness and keen interest towards studies. This school provides an exceptional  platform to the students to get them skilled in all the  aspects.

Padmini (Educator)

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