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  • Dec 21, 2021

Eco-friendly Environment in School

Eco-Friendly Environment in School

Eco-Friendly Schools

Once you’ve decided to go green and make changes in your school, realizing your role and responsibility in this world, you’re already halfway there! Getting started may seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of simple ways you can make a difference and be part of the eco-friendly schools movement. There are simple way to get started and make difference!

The first step and possibly easiest to start out with is to turn towards alternative transportation methods and Promote Walking & Public TransitWalking (which is also great exercise), or taking public transportation. This can reduce the unnecessary usage of gasoline that harms our environment.  S.C.R public school providing the common school van and carpool services to students as well as for teachers to reduce fuel usage, less cars and two wheelers on the road.

Saving energy wherever possible is another simple step you can utilize in your school to help combat climate change while using Eco-Friendly Lightsnot only should you be turning off lights in rooms that aren’t being used,. Plastic is one of the most highly wasted products, and in order to establish an eco-friendly school, both students and staff members need to take a stand against it.

The school cafeteria is likely where the largest amount of plastic is wasted. The cafeteria staff should be encouraged to avoid using plastic as much as possible and switch to using either regular dishes, or at least paper plates and utensils so that they can be recycled. To Get Rid Of trays, we can still easily remove the usage of trays in the cafeteria and bring a reusable one.

It’s About Awareness, when it comes to eco-friendly schools, it all starts with awareness. Many of us are unaware of how wasteful we truly are, and how simple it is to make changes in our routines as like in order to remind our fellow students around campus.

The Green Schools Alliance: Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the Green School Alliance.  SCR Public School initiate the program  which does empower students to take charge and make a difference, and also provides a variety of leadership programs for students to take part in.

Students at eco-friendly schools with natural light in their classrooms were also found to have increased test scores, as well as improved progression reading skills. It was also found that regardless of intellectual spectrum, to understand the concept of environmental education, and it even helps to increase student involvement in class discussions.There are endless steps schools can take in order to make a difference — from the smallest, simplest efforts, to bigger, more wide-scale projects.

Students love to use all kinds of fancy stationery, which is fine, but they should still be taught the importance of using more eco-friendly varieties of recycled paper for notepads and envelopes.. It’s all about being creative (class room decoration), and seeing where and how you can make small changes in your daily life by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Go Virtualenvironment, easily be reduced by taking notes online, without any extra paper being wasted. An online test is also an idea to prevent paper waste

SCR public school, teachers could teach students how to create a garden and how to best maintain what they’ve planted, perhaps by even making a campus garden together.One for recyclable waste, another for hazardous waste, and a third for biodegradable garbage.

 Make a Sustainability Club/house Similar to how there are sports clubs on campus, there can also be a club devoted to sustainability. This type of club can offer students the chance to take part in a variety of green projects like Cleanup days are one of the many events that such clubs can help organize, and allow them to work together in a social environment while making a difference and importance of eating green, and promote such a lifestyle on campus

At last, we know how crucial to crisp pay attention on it. School is where students spend most of their time, and where they learn many of their values. Standards need to be set in schools for minimal wastage, and taking part in these eco-friendly efforts should be the norm for all students. It all starts with education, even with the smallest things.

Radhika Chopra

Edutainer at SCR Public School

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