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  • Jun 07, 2021


Our school is a community of learners and a responsible global citizens.We nurture our students...to become great readers , runners and learners..... Not only with academic success but also in overall development of child . Our branches work collaboratively so that every student achieves success ..... academically, emotionally and socially. We believe , that great things are done by the series of small things done together.
Teachers at SCR PUBLIC SCHOOL are taught to connect with students and humanize the classroom in such a way that we are able to recognise the hidden capabilities in each child. We emphasize that a teacher's purpose that is not to create a student in his image but, to develop students who can create their own image. As a team we inculcate intelligence plus character which we feel is a goal for best education.
We impart the knowledge which is not only till the schooling but also later with our students to help them to come out with all obstacles which stops them achieving their targets. The best part is that we awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. We feel that each student's has their own brand of genius, respecting their field of interest we..... Motivate them to move forward with their excellence so that they are satisfied with what they want to achieve in life. We promise that education in our school is the investment in knowledge which will lay the best interest.
Education is not just about going school to achieve a degree, it's about widening knowledge and absorbing the truth about life. After imparting them the best knowledge we are assure that , our pass outs will be definitely improving their lives as well as others, and leave our community and world a better place than we found it. We focus on value based education so that along with knowledge there is always a preserverance  in the community where our students will live.
SCR PUBLIC SCHOOL Ashok Vihar , relates the topics taught by our educators ,with examples so that they can comprehend with what they are learning. Last but not the least we know that our children will become the most important and responsible members of the society because their professional efforts will reflect the Earth.
We impart education in such a way that, whatever they will be willing to do for themselves, they will definitely be a successful person with a proud future for themselves as well as for the community.Focus is kept on inspiring and embracing students to guide them to move forward with their excellence and dreams do that they are always satisfied with what they do in their lives.     

 Apoorva Kaushik 

Thank you.

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