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  • May 08, 2021

A progressive school

A progressive school believes in experiential learning. Their educational philosophy and teaching methods are different. Here at scr public school we do try to make a blend of progressive and traditional education. SCR public school encourages real understanding, learning by doing and developing whole some personality of a child. 

We do make our students more joyful and happier.  For us "how to think is more important than what to think. " If a child knows how to think he can apply that knowledge to each and every aspect. 

We give education with in and outside the classroom In a safe and healthy environment ceaselessly to pupils from all sections of the society & to transforming them as global citizens. 

At SCR each child is recognized for her own strength s, creating an environment free of judgement and conformity. In the school children and facilitators are both learners  together they discover and construct knowledge. 

Blog written by 

Ms.Geetika Diwan 

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