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Pre Primary School Kids Curriculum

The young learner’s minds are like sponges; it draws in everything it is taught. The school follows a holistic approach to educating young minds. Emphasis is laid on acquiring linguistic & logical ability and nurturing multiple intelligences by adopting innovative methods. Special emphasis is laid in physical, language, personal, emotional, social, intellectual/ cognitive, and aesthetic development. Students are introduced to the recognition of alphabets and their pronunciation, recognize and write basic numbers, awareness about the environment, and to the wonderful world of colors through child-friendly activities, puppetry, songs and rhymes. Kids are introduced to stage activities like dancing, enacting, rhymes, and skits. Activities are thoughtfully designed to promote skills like classification skills, conversational skills, motor skills, thinking, and observational skills, and enhance their concepts and vocabulary.

A Unique Kindergarden Curriculum

At SCR school, we not only impart education; we prepare responsible citizens. Our smart room classes offer young learners a rich and comprehensive curriculum and engaging learning experiences. All the areas for growth like personal, social, physical, etc. are equally given prominence keeping in mind that the child is not overwhelmed with knowledge. Through activity-based child engaging activities, they are introduced to two and three-letter words, their pronunciation, and written representation. The concept of big/small, more/less, etc. with a clear perspective of shapes is taken up along with numbers from 1 – 100. Language classes in Hindi are introduced with recognition of letters, pronunciation, and use in the form of simple words and sentences. Instead of homework or exams, only positive remarks are shared with parents.

Age Criteria for Nursery Kids Admission


2.5 Year and Above

Junior KG/K1

3.5 Year and Above

Senior KG/K2

4.5 Year and Above

Our Teachers

A team of well trained and qualified teachers fully equipped to handle the delicate mind of the young achievers is the pride of the school. With a formidable ratio of 1: 12, the competent teachers are able to provide individual attention to all the students to make them all feel special and cared for and provide them valuable guidance. Our teachers are instilled with the values of love, compassion, and care which is the guiding principles of the school.

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School Event and Activites

The school organizes various Literary, Oratory, and Physical Activities and the annual sports and annual school day event under its aegis.

Seamless Transisation to Primary School

Transitions are part of the learning process and the transition to primary school is the first big leap for a young mind. The vibrant, joyous, and stimulating learning experience augmented by activity-based child-friendly activities imparts the teachings of a flexible curriculum that takes into account the heterogeneity of the learner. Innovative techniques like the use of puppetry, stage activities, and art and craft enable the child to learn important skills like motor skills, social behavior, understanding concepts, conversational skills along with a host of other primal skills with the unique program of play and learn. The value-based education along with the able guidance of the pedagogy of the reputed school ensures a smooth transition for the young minds to primary school.

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