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The extra-curricular activities at SCR school are designed to provide the students with an opportunity to have enriching experiences beyond the normal school day. The primary goal of extra-curricular activities is for students to have fun while learning important life skills and developing mastery of certain skills. The program is not competitively driven, but instead, is focused on exposing students to new experiences and enriching their lives. Extra-curricular activities allow students to try novel experiences or participate in areas they are already passionate about. Each extra-curricular activity is aimed to be student-centered and to maximize student participation in the activity. Activities like sports, dramatics, literary societies, music, and dance help the student to concentrate and perform better in their academics as well.

Co-Curricular Activites

For students to thrive in society at large, co-curricular activities are very much pertinent and essential. They foster leadership qualities, enhanced decision-making skills, and communication skills among the students which helps them to be future-ready. The integrated approach of the school aims at the overall development of the students and to develop the various facts of their personality. These activities affect all domains of life such as cognitive, emotional, social, moral, cultural, and aesthetic. Competitiveness, excellence, quality achievements, creativeness, and enthusiasm are a few of the ethics of extra-curricular activities. The school’s co-curricular activities supplement and complement the entire teaching-learning process and effectively impact student earning outcomes. It strengthens the classroom teaching and helps to clear the concept of topics. Extra-curricular activities give emphasize aesthetic as well as spiritual development, which are the essential components of education. SCR school is a great exponent of the need for co-curricular activities for the overall development of the student.

Aryabhatta Club


Intach Club

Activites Related to Heritage/ Social Science

SCR Chef

Cooking without fire


Dance - Bharatnatyam, Khatak, Contemperary

Major Dhyan Chand Clud




Helle'o Grady Club


Raja Ravi Verma Club

Art Activities

Public Speaking Club

Speach & Debates

Robotic Club


Music Club


Tansen Voice of Global Club

Music, Keyboard, Guitar

C V Raman Club

Science Club

Gravel's Club

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