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About Happiness

Happiness is an emotion that abounds in conditions that are conducive to emotional and physical wellbeing. With student’s happiness as the fulcrum, the school’s activities are planned to provide a favorable and amicable environment for the students to thrive. The school curriculum is thoughtfully planned with interesting topics and various competitions are organized so that students love learning them. A happy and joyful mind is more preceptive and receptive to new ideas and teachings and has a high level of concentration.

Measuring Happiness

While happiness may be both relative and subjective, it’s not unquantifiable. Because we strive to ensure optimal happiness at our schools, we measure it according to the following factors:
  • A questionnaire through which the happiness index is computed
  • Feedback From Students
  • Testimonials from Parents
  • Regular attendance
  • Positive refrrals and siblings admission
  • Hight academic performance
  • High level of participation in school activities
Is it working? An upward trend over the past three years among the indicators above affirm that our students are organically engaged and thereby happy. In nurturing this engagement and happiness, we’re nurturing learning.
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How it Works

Happiness motivates individual activities, raises awareness, strengthens creativity, and facilitates social relationships among students.

1. Physical Environment

The physical environment is very much crucial in educational institutes in bringing a sense of happiness and joy among students. Smart classrooms with calming and neutral colors on the wall and thoughtfully placed furniture create a feeling of elation and happiness which helps students to concentrate better with a positive mindset. SCR school aims at creating happy scholastic minds by providing a favorable environment for students to flourish at the curriculum and various co-curricular activities designed especially for the growth of the students.

2. Curriculum

The school curriculum is specially designed and implemented keeping in mind the varied interest and needs of the students. The multilayered spiral learning method of repetition piquet’s the interest of the young students as they probe further into the topics with every introduction. These far-fetched programs are filled with interesting topics and informative subjects to keep the students amazed. The revolutionary nine gems approach followed by the school provides multidimensional benefits to the students and ignites their curious minds.

3. Faculty

The warmth of the close-knit relationship between the students and teachers at SCR school is very much palpable. The highly skilled teachers act as the perfect guide to the students in their overall emotional, mental, and physical development. The quality of compassion, caring and emphatic attitude and loads of patience coupled with amazing communication skills are the yardsticks in selecting the talented pool of faculty members on whom the growth of the young minds is entrusted.

4. Environment

A happy and more caring environment for students and teachers has positive effects among students and ushers a higher school performance score. Students feel motivated to attend school and a convivial environment promotes a sense of comradeship among the students and boosts a positive mindset. Students enjoy the freedom to choose co-curricular activities basis on their interest and can flourish. The community activities provide the students an interesting sneak peek into the workings of the outside world.

5. Treatment

SCR school operates on the principles of equal treatment, respect, and care devoid of any bigotry basis of any indifference. The school acknowledges that every child is unique and that every child demands unique treatment. The faculty members treat every student with respect and dignity. The students are educated to be polite and respectful at school and outside. The habits of wishing elders and teachers and acknowledging any good deed with a thank you are some of the personality traits taught at SCR school.

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