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Our Secondary School is more than the sum of its parts - which include a comprehensive curriculum, assessments, value-added programmes, events and many other array of activities, that allow students to grow into well-rounded individuals.

Academics Support

The school provides an enriching environment and learning opportunity for creative minds under the tutelage of caring and competent teachers. The wide array of academic and supportive activities of the school equips the students with valuable knowledge required to become confident, lifelong learners to face the future. A holistic approach is adopted to provide a versatile development to the students by including activities like field trips, discussion on current affairs and international topics like renewable future energy, global warming, etc., fostering healthy competitiveness by arranging debate, extempore, quiz contests as part of inter-house activities which ushers a sense of awareness and competitiveness among the students. Special emphasis is laid on physical well-being by including yoga, dance, and music classes as part of the extra curriculum activities.

CBSE (Grade X) School Toppers

2019 - 2020

CBSE (Grade X) School Toppers

2018 - 2019
  • 96.90%

    Navneet Kumar
  • 91.45%

    Abhijeet Singh
  • 92.14%

    Raju Chettri
  • 94.55%

    Kamini Yadav

Add-Ons Value Added Programmes

Add-ons augments the growth of students multidimensionally and prepares them with an all-encompassing knowledge. The school strongly advocates several add-ons in its overall curriculum to tap the exponential knowledge of the bright minds. It teaches various types of useful innovative skills to students such as computational thinking, problem-solving skills, creative thinking, logical reasoning, better decision making, and good observation power.

SCR school provides access to STEM education to the young innovators in the four main domains of – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM is all about learning by doing. By indulging themselves in STEM learning-based activities, many students get an opportunity to discover their true potential and discover a unique method of learning a concept in a fun and interactive manner. Engaging and impressive STEM toys on science experiments based on scientific concepts, construction based on geometry and engineering, and robot-based involving the use of advanced techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning are a powerful boost to students. Students are exposed to various self-learning online tools that further enhance the realm of their knowledge. It provides an opportunity for the teachers to accurately gauge the student’s understanding and adopt corrective measures.

Extra-Curricular Activites

Lawn Tennis
CBGCA Cricket
Rollar Skating
Martial Atrs-Wushu

Co-Curricular Activites

Co-curricular activities are very much important for the overall development of students. It fosters a sense of team spirit, a feeling of co-operation and co-existence, and inculcates social skills, intellectual skills, and moral values within the students. It stimulates creative thought, improves social and organizational skills, develops interests and talents. SCR school has a variety of co-curricular activities for the students to choose from. The school encourages and fosters talents in the field of sports, academics, and performing arts. The school has dedicated talented teachers to teach the students the know-how of their area of interest. The school has designated areas for students to practice their field of interest. Practice nets for cricket, a world-class auditorium for performing arts, and top-quality sports equipment are some of the initiatives of the school to nurture talent. The talented students at SCR school had been earning accolades to the school by acing many of the state and national competitions.

Aryabhatta Club


Intach Club

Activites Related to Heritage/ Social Science

SCR Chef

Cooking without fire


Dance - Bharatnatyam, Khatak, Contemperary

Major Dhyan Chand Clud




Helle'o Grady Club


Raja Ravi Verma Club

Art Activities

Public Speaking Club

Speach & Debates

Robotic Club


Music Club


Tansen Voice of Global Club

Music, Keyboard, Guitar

C V Raman Club

Science Club

Gravel's Club


Assessment and

Student assessment is the pivotal piece around which school improvement take place. The teachers at SCR school not only measure the progress of the student but also identify their learning needs and respond to them. Topic based presentations and discussions and short tests focusses on the perceptive, emotive, and spiritual expansion of the students. Half yearly and annual assessments are conducted in the month of September and March respectively. Teachers follow the GPA system of providing grades to the students.

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External Examinations & Assignments

The invaluable knowledge imparted by the expert teachers makes the future of the young minds ready to compete in various competitive exams like Olympiads in Math, English, and Environmental Science, Silver zone Olympiads, National Biotechnology Olympiads, CAT4, Question a Day, etc all of which instills a sense of confidence among the students. The school follows the assessment guidelines of CBSE with 20% weightage on formative and 80% weightage on summative assessment. The school follows the policy of providing external examinations for all the classes starting from Grade 1 with the aim of identifying areas of improvement in students and pioneering remedial actions.

Communication and Interaction

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. SCR school strives to incorporate the erudition of the student as a two-dimensional activity between teachers and parents. In addition to regular emails and text messages for relaying important communication, the school has its personalized interactive portal that serves as a medium of exchange of timely communication. Each class has its unique WhatsApp group moderated by the class teacher which serves as an easy communication between teachers and parents.

School Events and Activites

The school publishes a year-long activity calendar at the start of the session which compromises a plethora of engaging activities suited to the divergent interests of the students. It provides wonderful scope for students to showcase their talent in the field of dramatics, sports, literary activities, and performing arts. The school annual day is awaited eagerly by every student which is a weeklong activity. Other fun and frolic-based activities on Independence Day and Republic Day are earmarked as special days for the students. The school celebrates every Indian festival with equal fervor and participation.

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