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The school campus is situated in the cybercity- Gurgaon. Being amid the millennium city helps our students adapt to the new digital world and be equipped with the changes required to compete in the outside world. The facilities and quality of education are designed to match the global standards and be better citizens of the nation. The environment inside and outside the school premises is safe and clean to help a child concentrate on what's important.

Our location

Our history

SCR Group of Schools are co-educational English medium schools. The foundation stone of the school was laid in 1999. Our alma mater was upgraded to class XII by CBSE Affiliation No. 530968 and currently has classes from Nursery to XII. The SCR Group of Schools are founded by Late Shri Chandi Ram Kataria with a vision to provide quality education and empower the society.

Leading with the prime aim of giving each child the opportunity to develop his/her own potential, by laying down foundations of a balanced education. We teach our children to appreciate the needs of others and understand that they have to fulfill different kinds of responsibilities, inside and outside the school.

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Public School Inauguration - 2000

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Start Senior Secondary Classes - 2006

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SCR Model Inauguration - 2008

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Strength 1000+ in 2008

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SCR Global Inauguration - 2018

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Cross 2500 strength - 2020

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Educational Philosophy

Setting benchmarks of providing high standard holistic education that lets children strengthen their positive skills and eliminate the harmful ones.


The learning spaces situated inside the picturesque school building where a child spends his/her maximum time are beautifully designed to complement the kind of education imparted here.

It is a well known fact that while doing any and every task, the environment around is one of the most important aspects to be able to achieve all goals. We have built classrooms that are well furnished, ventilated and clean.

Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Skill-based knowledge

Imparting knowledge more than what the textbooks have is the main goal. SCR is focused on imparting students with the practical knowledge that enhances their personality to unimaginable extents and opens up an array of opportunities in front of them.

Skills are what speak in today's world and helping students along with their parents to achieve more than just marks has been our core mantra. We, at SCR, are constantly working towards molding the NexGen students into well equipped challengers who have the power to speak for themselves and fight for the right.

Student opportunities

Education is a broad concept that is not limited to just classroom activities. Therefore, we focus equally well on co-curricular and extra curricular activities and provide opportunities for each child to excel in. Fostering all-around development of a child is the end goal and so far, we have been successful in achieving those. In various inter school and intra school competitions organised by the higher authorities, our students have performed extremely well and have brought back laurels to the name of the school.

Educational Philosophy
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