SCR Public School – Curriculum

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SCR Public School, Gurgaon is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and follows the prescribed curriculum by the highly regarded and reputed Affiliating Board of India, but with a difference.

The school focuses on completion of the syllabus, but has an ever-evolving, organic, experiment-oriented, rigorously tested, continuously proven, comprehensive and exhaustive yet balanced curriculum. It encompasses all the facets of education, i.e. academics, sports, and a suite of co-curricular activities.

The Ideology

Curriculum ideologies are personal beliefs about what educational institutions should teach, for what ends, and for what reasons.Of course, teachers, parents, and other community members may challenge a curriculum’s ideology, but any such challenges must take place outside the classroom.

Classes I to V

Primary stage is the foundation of child’s knowledge, skills and behavior. Primary education is the first stage of compulsory education.It enables the children to get prepared for future higher classes.

Classes VI to VIII

Our curriculum at the Middle School stage is aimed at helping students become active thinkers and confident learners. Activities such as conferences, debates, field trips, counseling sessions and personality development workshops have thus been designed to promote self-awareness, development and understanding.

Classes IX to XII

It is a stage which needs careful and patient handling by skilled and mature is the stage where students start making choices and discovering the future course of action.This stage is very crucial for the students when they have to choose their subjects very carefully because it directs their professional life.