“Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.”

Physics Lab

The Physics Lab is a spacious hall with the latest technology which can accommodate 25-30 students at a time. It is well-equipped with a child-friendly ambiance, where the students conduct their experiments up to the +2 level under the guidance of the facilitator. The strict standard of cleanliness is maintained by a vigilant Lab Assistant. Wearing of lab coats is compulsory for students.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab is a well-lit and well-ventilated hall which upholds the most exacting standards of hygiene and safety. It is furnished with cutting-edge technology and the latest safety gadgets. The students carry out their practical experiments in the Lab under the supervision of the instructor. Each period is monitored by the observant Lab Assistant.

Biology Lab

The Biology Lab is well-equipped with all requisite specimens and safety measures. It is obligatory to adhere to all rules and regulations while dissection is carried out in the lab.

Maths Lab

The Mathematics Laboratory named ‘Mathsmantra’ is uniquely conceptualised and designed and equipped with a wide variety of models like Number meter, Number apparatus, Cuisenaire strips, Pocket Chart, Dominos, Fraction Disc, Watch Model, Spike Abacus, Geoboard and many others to facilitate the concept of numbers in an easy and child-friendly manner. The students have taken the initiative to make models of different prisms and pyramids under the guidance of facilitators in an innovative endeavor to master the concepts.

Such meaningful and relevant activities help to develop and strengthen an awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment of mathematics.

The latest innovation in the Maths Lab is a software named “The Geometrics Sketchpad”. It is a dynamic exploration tool which helps students of all ages to understand the basic concepts of mathematics. The software addresses doubts and queries through vivid and illustrious demonstrations, using colorful images which can be put into motion.

With this sketchpad, one can construct precise figures, while preserving mathematical relationships. Dynamic interaction gives the power to explore, analyze and understand mathematics easily by giving an infinite number of examples at the same time.

Computer Lab

Cyber education and digital information are a vital aspect of the educational mindscape today. The school provides computer classes for students right from Nursery to class XII. It has spacious and well-equipped Junior and Senior Computer Labs with 44 and 53 PCs respectively to cater to the need of each child individually.

Language Lab

In the 21st century educational mindscape, there has been a ‘paradigm shift’ in perspective to cater to the needs of the Generation Y to make them future ready to combat the challenges of tomorrow. The school has a state-of-the- art Language Lab with the latest and most sophisticated software and resource material for classes Nursery –X. With a seating plan for 40 students at a time, the Language Lab is well-equipped to enhance the Speaking, Listening and Reading skills of the students through the various modules and exercises provided by the software. Apart from communication skills, the creative, critical and analytical skills of the learners are also honed to the optimum level. Practice in phonetic skills is reinforced through a self-check system which ensures refinement in pronunciation, diction, and intonation.

Special Room

Aesthetic education is one of the most important areas in the holistic development of a child. It takes into consideration the child’s creative growth and intuitive perceptions, besides inculcating a deep and lasting appreciation and enjoyment of art.

The enormous Art-cum –Sculpture Room is a creative hub which provides both space and opportunity for a wide range of activities including drawing, painting, poster/ panel making, sculpting etc.  Fine Arts classes are also conducted here for the students of classes XI-XII who have opted for it as an optional subject under the supervision of the facilitator concerned.